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The evolution of your company into a digital player is highly dependent on the integration of innovative technologies. By intelligently using technological"enablers" along your core processes and developing new digital services and products that focus on the needs of your customers, you redefine your image in your industry. As an all-round digital partner, DRIVA takes over the analysis, planning and in-house development of your future-oriented software solutions.

Your technologies for the digital spectacle

What makes Digital River so special is the flood of exciting technological solutions that are essential for the connected value creation and digital customer experience. To use the right technologies for your business needs, we identify the right balance between successive improvements to existing IT structures and investment in new technology. A digital future with a technological competitive advantage - that is what we work on for you.

Technological Experiences & Solutions

We work towards the implementation of technological projects. Our team of consultants, designers and developers conceives and launches digital products and experiences for small and medium-sized companies as well as for large corporations.

Digital Platforms

Our team of talented developers work with all relevant digital platforms to create a robust digital omni-channel customer experience. We place particular emphasis on the smooth and integrating fusion of your core business with the use of new digital offerings.

Web & App Commerce

We implement great projects that delight your customers with powerful software applications on different devices. A seamless online shopping experience, for Android, iOS or web-based apps are the foundation of our successful e-commerce projects.

Digital Branding

Branding has the power to connect companies with their audiences. Brand strategies that focus on interactions with real people are more important than ever. We create digital brands with state-of-the-art technology, high data affinity and authentic storytelling.

Data Quality & Integration

Data as an asset – is on everyone's lips. Before a strategic and monetary value can be generated from data, it must be available in the highest quality across processes and systems. Our data experts know the tools and techniques you need for your data life cycle.

Data Analytics

Whether Customer Analytics or Industrial Analytics, we collect and analyse raw data, give you strategic insights into customer behaviour and your business processes.  Previously time-consuming data reports will be handled with our data dashboards on a daily business basis.

Data Science

Our data scientists use the latest Advanced & Predictive Analytics techniques that go beyond traditional BI. Using intelligent machine learning algorithms, we jointly create sound recommendations for the businesses of tomorrow.

Finding the right technology for the right purpose, that's transformational

We advise you in all areas where zeros and ones can have an influence. This may involve selecting the appropriate CRM systems, setting up your own software solutions or digitalising analogue processes. As an independent digital consultancy, we are not dependent on selling you a specific software, but rather find the solutions that make the most practical business sense for you.