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Digital Maturity Assessment

This is the digital age where everything you know about your industry and your customers is in a state of unstoppable dynamic change. The flood of new buzzwords and trends is not abating. Where do you stand with respect to digitalisation? Which changes are beneficial or even inevitable for you? Before you take action to enter the Digital River, you should first find out where you currently stand. With our Digital Maturity Assessment, we localise not only your current location but also the distance to your target destination.

The compass for your digital transformation

DRIVA's Digital Maturity Assessment offers a six-dimensional analysis that provides a structured and transparent assessment of your current situation. We evaluate internal competencies, skills and cultural factors from a market and customer perspective. This multi-dimensional perspective allows us to identify deficits, contradictions, and opportunities for optimisation. This makes the assessment the ideal preparation to define your digital roadmap.

Digital Maturity Assessment Metric

Our Digital Maturity Assessment provides you with a maturity analysis, the results of which have a strong reference to real world applications. For this purpose, the structure of the questionnaire is designed to be comprehensive and balanced in the following six dimensions:


How fluid is the availability and use of interactional possibilities between customer and organisation?

Strategy & Leadership

How are strategies developed and content set up taking digital disruptive technologies into account?

Business Model

How are digital channels used across the entire value chain?

Culture & Organisation

How prominent is the availability of agile and flexible working methods and digital awareness?

Data & Analytics

How effective are the activities to assess data and its quality?


How advanced are the use of innovative technological solutions?

Starting the Journey of Transformation

Your result: Goal-oriented transformation. Only if you know exactly where you currently stand, you can develop and roll out optimal strategies. Let us talk about your project.

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