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Digital Business Strategy

Some people think it's a contradiction: But the ultimate goal of the digital transformation is not a fixed point – rather it is the continuous change along an unstoppable route. The many new technological achievements result in changes in competition and in customer needs, resulting in a unique dynamic. All this confronts your company with the central question: How do we approach this change?

DRIVA - Your partner for the flowing digital transformation

Whether you already have ideas and are actively crossing the Digital River or are just starting out and don't know what your digital roadmap should look like, we will assess your current situation and use our analysis to determine your next steps. Our Digital Transformation Framework makes it clear that your transformation has no beginning and no end. DRIVA is there for you, whether at the beginning or somewhere in the middle.

Digital Transformation Framework

With the Digital Transformation Framework, our strategists use their entire experience and expertise to identify your innovation potential and to enable you to continue the change on your own.

01 Business Strategy Audit 

Evaluation of the strategic vision and direction

02 Transformation Strategy Formulation

Defining the digital strategy

03 Digital Transformation Roadmap 

Prioritising digitalisation initiatives

04 Digital Execution Concept

Conception of guidelines for the operationalization of the digital strategy

05 Digital Transformation Pilot

Piloting the customised digital journey

06 Strategy Performance Measurement 

Establishment of KPIs to monitor the success of the measures


Digital Maturity Assessment 

How we evaluate your status quo.

Data Strategy 

How we develop your data into an "asset".

Digital Innovation Lap

How we test your digital innovation.

Online Strategy

How we successfully position your services online.

Your ride through the Digital River

We help you redefine your business because our strategists know what it takes to identify your innovation potential. We manoeuvre you to a new level, enabling you to ride the Digital River independently and from your own strength for the long term.

It all starts with a conversation