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Data Driven Transformation

No matter what industry you are in, there's no way around proactive management of "data". Data is the driving force of the Digital River. Successes, even the very existence of companies, are closely and decisively dependent on the question: How is the flood of data to be used to achieve decisive and data-driven competitive advantages? We provide you with the answer to this question by not only designing your own data strategy, but also establishing it with the appropriate organisation, processes and technologies.

Data - the driving force behind your digital transformation

The agenda of many companies includes the use of the latest technological innovations, such as AI and ML to achieve competitive advantages. However, in order to be able to offer state-of-the-art data driven products, fundamental and complex requirements with regard to data availability and flows must first be ensured. Together with you, we will anchor a modern data management that focuses on the lifecycle of your analytical data as well as your master data. With our expertise, you will achieve the maximum value contribution from your data flows.

Data Transformation Framework

With DRIVA's Data Transformation Framework you prioritise your data where it belongs for data driven business development - at the centre of your digital transformation. We closely link your data strategy to your corporate strategy, integrating data awareness and data intelligence to ensure that your data driven decisions on customers, suppliers and business processes achieve the results you are aiming for.

Data Strategy

Goals and direction for future innovative and data driven developments

Data Organisation

Roles, tasks and responsibilities to increase data competencies and skills

Data Governace

Developing, coordinating and implementing policies, standards and guidelines for effective and secure data management and control

Data Quality

Process-related and analytical data quality measurements and corrections to monitor and ensure the required data quality

Data Lifecycle

Transparent and automated data flows from creation to cleaning, across internal and external company boundaries

Data Architecture

Data Warehouse with integrated data models based on defined data objects to ensure end-user intuitive structures.

Data Systems

Performance-enhancing use of innovative technological tools to simplify data creation, distribution, maintenance and use

Data Analytics

Developing new products and decision bases by using advanced Data Analytics and Science methodologies

Starting the Journey of Transformation

There are no shortcuts to get the most out of your data. Creating a data management operating model according to the Data Transformation Framework is an essential step that will lead leads you to your data driven business models. Becoming a data driven organisation requires a plan, the right people, innovative technology and a data-conscious culture - our specialists will guide you towards this goal.

It all starts with a conversation