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Covid-19: Your chance for digital transformation

At the latest since the start of the 2nd wave and the renewed limitations of public life, it is certain that the pandemic will affect us in our everyday working lives for much longer than we had hoped. Covid-19 has shown companies and entire industries how fragile their business model is when unexpected system-threatening - disruptive - events occur, and how inevitable it is to completely rethink products and services, but also operating procedures, in order to survive the crisis. The way out of the crisis and to a successful business model can only be called digital transformation -we show you how.

Why digital transformation

The Covid-19 pandemic is a turning point in the digital transformation as it renders many old but still operating business practices obsolete. While digitalisation was previously declared as a"nice to have" strategy, which has been talked about more than tackled, it now reveals itself as a flexible and adaptable core competence for survival.

Digital innovations are not only "enablers"for new, promising visions of the future, but as the pandemic proves, they are also "resilience" that protects your company in the event of unexpected crises.

How it will help your business

Digital taillights and sceptics are being shaken up all over Germany and even the greatest pragmatists are realising that the best solution is a "digital" one. But the digital transformation is more than just a lifebuoy.

If the digital transformation is tackled correctly, it will increase the competitiveness of your company. New and complementary sales channels will help you to better attract and retain customers. In addition, you can make better decisions about internal operational processes from the data obtained, thereby reducing costs in a targeted manner.

What is needed for digital transformation

Digital transformation can only happen through the careful orchestration of various organisational capabilities that serve an organisation's vision and business objectives. New ways of thinking are needed at all levels to break new ground in operations. Leaders are needed to establish a culture that is open to experimentation and failure. At the same time, employees are needed who accept changes such as working with new technologies and who react flexibly to changes.

Identify your business objectives

The direction of your Digital Journey is clear. Digitalisation must be started now during the pandemic at the latest and must be pushed ahead beyond that. Because Covid-19 will not be the last "disruptive force" that will force your company to act. The most important transformation goals often are:

DRIVA's role in your digital transformation

We at DRIVA accompany you as digital consultants on your route of digital transformation - from digital corporate strategy to the operationalisation of technological business models in your operating model. We take advantage of the opportunities that now arise for you in the pandemic and align your company for the time after the crisis. Let us start with the first steps:

It all starts with a conversation